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Got a squatter in your chimney? We can help.

If you have or suspect you have a bird nest needing removal in your chimney in Exeter this is something we specialise in and can safely remove nest material from your chimney and flue system. Tell tale signs that you might need our bird nest removal service  include unusual noises, scratching sounds, funny smells and twigs and other unexpected debris appearing in the fireplace.

Its generally Jackdaws that actually nest in chimneys, your chimney is prime real estate! There are large colonies of Jackdaws in Exeter particularly in Topsham but also in Stoke Hill, St Thomas, St Leonards and Heavitree – actually pretty much all over! You will see in the video below just how many pairs there are on some streets. They can be very noisy as well!

Great care is taken on nest removal in Exeter, we use CCTV to ensure full removal together with special precautions to minimise mess, dust or disruption to your home.

We also rescue pigeons, seagulls, owls and squirrels that find their way into your chimney in Exeter and the surrounding district. Get in touch if you have any concerns.

Be aware that there are strict rules about removing birds nest the Countryside and Wildlife Act prohibits disturbing nesting birds and this generally applies between March and the end of August giving the young a chance to fledge and leave home, so to speak.

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