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How often should I sweep my chimney?

Chimney fires are an all too frequent occurrence in many homes every year. To help prevent a chimney fire occurring in your property, you should ensure your chimney is swept as often as recommended by the Solid Fuel Association.

How do I check my stove door gasket?

On a cold stove, place a thin strip of newspaper between the door and the stove. Shut the door tightly and see if you can pull the paper out. Try this on several different positions around the doorjam, if the paper pulls out the door adjustment needs to be reset or rope replacement may be necessary.

Should I have my stove serviced?

All heat producing appliances should be serviced minimally once a year. Many professional chimney sweeps provide this service. This may be a separate charge or may be included in the chimney sweeping service.

Do I need to have a lined chimney swept?

Yes, contrary to belief once you have had a liner installed on your appliance it is very important to sweep the chimney on a regular basis. Yearly minimal intervals are recommended however, it may be necessary to sweep the flue/chimney every three months when in use.

Do I need to have my gas fire or gas heating appliance chimney swept?

Yes, all heat producing appliances should have the chimney swept on an annual basis.

Sweeping Frequency

  • Smokeless fuel once per year
  • Coal twice per year
  • Wood burning quarterly when in use
  • Gas once per year if designed for chimney sweeping
  • Oil fired once per year

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Ask me for advice, sweeping intervals can vary dramatically depending on the type of flue, type of appliance, if there is a boiler fitted, and the amount of chimney draw you have.

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