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A modern blend of traditional methods and state of the art technology backed up by good old fashioned customer service

Our Promise to you

Chimney Sweep We clean ALL kinds of nestsChimney Sweeping is an occupation that has existed for hundreds of years and is an essential service to ensure that your heat source of choice is safe to use and in good condition. Whilst we don’t battle that many dragons we promise to do everything we can to ensure that the battle against soot is a stress free experience for you.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Its important to understand from the very first contact through to completing the work we do everything we can to ensure you feel confident and happy that our service is delivered in a timely, professional and friendly manner.

Easy booking, friendly service

Contact is really easy, hit the book now button at the top of the page, pick up the phone or email us. You can also make contact on Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. All messages and calls received are tracked and we will always get back to you within 24 hours but often much much faster than that.

Once you have made a booking we will email a confirmation and you will get a text message and email reminder in the run up to the appointment.

On the day of visit itself great care is taken to protect your home and possessions. We are Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence‘ approved and also DBS checked for your peace of mind, we will treat your home with the care and respect that you do. If you are not sure please have a look at our reviews to see what we mean, our customers are our best reference.

What to expect

On every visit you can expect the following as part of our standard service:

    • Inspect the exterior of the stack from the ground for any obvious faults
    • Use appropriate protection measures for hard and soft surfaces – runners and dust sheets!Spot The Chimney Sweep Brush Exeter
    • Dismantle the appliance as appropriate
    • Sweep the chimney flue system. The tools and method used will depend on what is needed and great care is taken on controlling dust and soot from escaping the sweeping process, we use an industrial HEPA rated vacuum
    • We generally remove all the material that we sweep for your convenience, as Environment Agency licensed waste carriers we can do this
    • Safety Checks including ventilation, basic fire risk, to a Carbon Monoxide alarm check and advice if not present are all done
    • We test the chimney with smoke pellets to establish that smoke is evacuating successfully
    • Organise electronic Certificate of Chimney Sweeping and discuss any issues found and when the next visit should be planned for
    • Have a chat and a cup of tea or coffee, check you are happy to receive one of our excellent cartoon reminder cards and leave

Exeter Chimney Sweep

Sweeping a Clearview Pioneer 400

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