Make sure you Burnright!

Burnright – Make sure you are!

There has been a massive amount of coverage in the media about the pollution and its links to burning wood. At Best Chimney Clean, the oldest chimney sweep business in Exeter we know there are lots of misconceptions about stoves, chimneys and chimney sweeps!

We are delighted to support the Burnright campaign and always seek to help and educate our customers on the correct ways to store and burn fuel to get the maximum efficiency from their appliance. It is brilliant to see DEFRA paying attention to chimney sweeps as we have a significant role to play in education and actively working to reduce pollution.

The image below shows a Clearview Pioneer 400 – an appliance with a very high efficiency rating but because the fuel used was ‘wet’ with a greater than 40% moisture content it caused incomplete (inefficient) combustion and has effectively blocked the chimney up.

Of course we were able to unblock it BUT, and heres the rub, this sort of burning behaviour can dramatically shorten the life of the chimney liner which is an expensive item to replace and if used correctly will last for many years. It pays to Burnright!


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